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ROADBLOCK* battles evil COBRA* enemies with his unique BATTLE-KATA* fighting system. The G.I. JOE* leader uses on-the-fly weapon switching and martial arts moves to take out his attackers.G.I. JOE is the ultimate commando but even he needs backup in the fight against the forces of COBRA! This super-ninja BATTLE-KATA ROADBLOCK figure is armed to the teeth and has the weaponry and cunning to take on whatever his COBRA enemies (other figures sold separately) throw at him. With his BATTLE-KATA weapon system, you can mix and match the pieces to create different weapons for your ROADBLOCK figure to use against his COBRA enemies! His multi-weapon battle vest lets him carry an arsenal with him! Will he and his weapons prevail against the forces of good? Its all in your hands!Rough and ready BATTLE-KATA ROADBLOCK figure comes heavily armed! Multi-weapon battle vest! Mix and match the pieces in the BATTLE-KATA weapon system to create different weapons!Figure comes with weapon accessories.

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