G.I. Joe Retaliation Cobra Invasion Team Set


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G.I. Joe Movie 2 Tactical Ninja Team 3Cobra is invading from the land, sea and air in an all-out attack. Firefly creates explosive chaos, allowing Cobra Invasion Troopers to swoop down from the sky as Cobra ninja Storm Shadow carries out a deadly mission. The top secret mission is on and the figures in this incredible G.I. Joe Cobra Invasion Team Set are going to carry it out. Your Cobra Invasion Trooper, Storm Shadow and Firefly ninja figures have the skills and weapons to swoop down from the sky and assault the G.I. Joe forces. Your Cobra Invasion Troopers working parachute lets him descend into the action while your Storm Shadow and Firefly figures create havoc with their ninja skills and explosives expertise. Will their evil invasion succeed? Its up to you.Product FeaturesSet includes Cobra INVASION TROOPER, STORM SHADOW and FIREFLY figuresNinja weaponsWorking parachuteRemovable vestSet includes 3 figures and accessoriesProduct Measures: 3.8" x 15.3" x 6.1" 0.25 lbs.Recommended Ages:4 and up

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