G.I. Joe Retaliation Ninja Duel Snake Eyes Action Figure


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NINJA DUEL SNAKE EYES* faces off against arch-enemy STORM SHADOW* in a sky-high dojo battle. These two ninja masters share a violent history that will lead them to an future where foes may become friends!G.I. JOE is the ultimate commando and hes got a fight on his hands with the forces of COBRA! This scary NINJA DUEL SNAKE EYES figure is armed to the teeth and has the weaponry and cunning to take on whatever his G.I. JOE enemies (other figures sold separately) throw at him. With his working zip line, this commando figure can launch sky-high battle action, then drop into any fight with his ninja swords and win! Will he and his weapons prevail against the forces of good? Its all in your hands!Rough and ready NINJA DUEL SNAKE EYES figure comes heavily armed! Working zip line with launcher and pulley! Zip line has 7 feet of string! Zip line attaches to figure!Figure comes with weapon accessories

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